Special Edition
Thursday, June 24, 2010
  • Americans rush to prepare for next test

    [USA] For the next day or so, the most important member of the U.S. Soccer contingent in South Africa may be fitness coach Pierre ... Read the whole story

  • Italy headed home in disgrace

    [GROUP F] Slovakia pulled the latest upset in what has been a wild tournament when it eliminated defending champion Italy, 3-2, and claimed second ... Read the whole story

  • What They're Saying

    "The U.S. soccer team has been sent to the next round of the World Cup. Final 16. Huge for two reasons. First, obviously, national pride and second, if we go all the way this year if we win the World Cup -- the whole rest of the world has to then refer to the sport as soccer."

    -- Comedy Central's Jon Stewart's opening to "The Daily Show" on Wednesday.

  • Three-team fight in Group H

    [PREDICTIONS] Brazil has clinched, and Portugal is all but assured of advancing in Group G. Chile, Spain and Switzerland could be headed for a ... Read the whole story

  • World Cup 2010 in brief

    [SCOREBOARD] The 2010 World Cup finished with an average of 2.27 goals a game, the second lowest in history. Spain's eight goals in seven ... Read the whole story