Special Edition
Friday, July 2, 2010
  • How Brazil unraveled

    [NETHERLANDS-BRAZIL] The Netherlands reached the semifinals of the World Cup for the fourth time when it rallied from one goal down at the half ... Read the whole story

  • Germany celebrates its own 'Messi'

    [PORTRAIT] Germany's exciting 21-year-old playmaker plays down the comparison. He's also left-footed, dark-haired and can trick his way past defenders. But Mesut Ozil says ... Read the whole story

  • What They're Saying

    "I asked for the players to be severely punished and for Patrice Evra never to come back into the France team. When you are captain of France, there is a responsibility and a respect for the shirt and for people that you have to have."

    -- Former French national team star Lilian Thuram, who recommended to the French soccer federation's federal council of which he is a member that captain Patrice Evra be banned for life for his role in the Bleus' training boycott during the World Cup. (AFP)

  • World Cup 2010 in brief

    [SCOREBOARD] The 2010 World Cup finished with an average of 2.27 goals a game, the second lowest in history. Spain's eight goals in seven ... Read the whole story