• Hexagonal: Honduran star Costly ready with 'knife between his teeth'
    Carlo Costly knows what it's like to play the United States. The 30-year-old forward is one of only three starters left from the Honduras team that played the USA in the 2009 Hexagonal.
  • Hexagonal: Tico fans on the move for another campaign
    Everyone talks about the USA-Mexico rivalry, but the biggest rivalry in the Hexagonal -- at least in terms of traveling fans -- will be Panama-Costa Rica.
  • Hexagonal: Panama's attention turns from baseball to soccer
    Panama is the only the team in the Hexagonal that has not played in the World Cup, but that doesn't stop Blas Perez from believing.
  • Hexagonal: Name cards needed for Reggae Boyz's gathering
    Name tags will be needed when Jamaica's Reggae Boyz assemble at their Mexico City hotel for Wednesday's Hexagonal opener against Mexico. Five Englishmen are joining the team for the first time, all signed up following a recruiting trip Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) boss Horace Burrell and Coach Theodore Whitmore took to England last fall. Their targets? English players with Jamaican roots.
  • Hexagonal: Mexico's Tri temporarily brought down to earth
    Following its gold medal in men's soccer at the 2012 London Olympics, Mexico is being trumpeted as a favorite to win the 2014 World Cup, but that's getting ahead of the game.