• Make it your New Year's Resolution to Become a Ref
    I learned how to stay fit, to remain calm at all times, to manage others while expanding myself and earning some money on the side.
  • Note the baseline when you begin the coaching and learning journey
    Children are complex and remarkable beings. They develop better with advocacy than with negative scrutiny.
  • COVID danger in sports: team meals, car rides, shared hotel rooms and whiteboard sessions
    As we work through the current COVID-19 surge it's instructive to dig deeper into how individuals become infected and how to decrease risk.
  • Coaches complaining about parents should reassess their approach
    When a parent is frustrated by a lack of playing time, the player can usually explain why. The player accepts it, so how can the parent argue?
  • 'Underuse' amid Covid-19 is a real problem
    The pandemic may have put a halt to the overuse injuries. The problem is that the pendulum has gone the other way.
  • Indoor soccer COVID precautions: U.S. Soccer assesses risks and provides guidelines
    COVID-19 is surging across the USA at a time of the year when cold weather in many parts of the country sends soccer indoors
  • A Ref's View: Adapt to the changes and stay positive
    People have said that I must enjoy not hearing the comments from fans. Except for the rivalry games that draw large crowds, I've not noticed much difference without any fans.
  • The teenager's challenge: Sleep well, play well
    I'm sure anyone who's raised an adolescent or teenager can attest to the idea that teenagers don't get as much sleep as they need.
  • The Different Paths for Ref Development
    The United States is such a large and pluralistic society so it makes sense that there are different paths for a soccer ref to develop, unlike in many other countries.
  • As soccer reboots, reffing requires managing a variety of guidelines
    The coaches and all the substitutes are supposed to be wearing masks. Although I've noticed the coaches complying, their subs have not.
  • Ankle sprain recovery: When can I play again?
    Without proper management, an ankle sprain, typically brushed off as a minor inconvenience, can lead to more severe sprains and chronic problems
  • An easy, important task for youth coaches: Take a few minutes to explain the game
    The U-9 kids were playing for the first time in 10 months, and the game wasn't the same one they had played on small fields with small goals last fall.
  • A return to reffing with COVID prevention precautions
    I wore a mask upon entering and leaving the field, took it off when I was refereeing and wore it during the match as an AR if people were around me.
  • What to eat before sports: A practical approach to pre-training and pregame nutrition
    Answering a few questions can lead you to right nutrition plan for before your workouts or games.
  • Does Stretching Help? Answer: Yes, and No
    It turns out that the most effective way to reduce injury risk is through increased strength, followed by improved balance.
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