• Ref Watch: Soccer's tolerance of referee-mobbing is a disgrace and has a far reach
    There can't be other situations in their lives where teenage boys feel free to scream angrily at an adult, can there?
  • Good person, good citizen, good player
    For parents and coaches, there should be another goal other than trying to develop "good players."
  • Ref Watch: My least favorite things
    What are the 10 things I least want to see or hear when I'm refereeing a game of soccer?
  • Heat and humidity can be lethal for your players -- here's what to know
    It can be OK to practice in 100-degree weather, or it could be dangerous. It depends on the humidity factor.
  • Should Refs Apologize?
    You could say that with all the games I have officiated - more than 11,000 - I've made more mistakes than most soccer referees.
  • Youth soccer's Bermuda Triangle
    Youth soccer's Bermuda Triangle sucks up the beauty and fairness of the game, creates a toxic environment and causes an immense shortage of referees.
  • Ref Watch: Work well with assignors. Plus: New rulebook is ready
    When it comes to scheduling, assignors value referees' reliability more than their ability.
  • Ref Watch: Joe Machnik on calls the rules don't cover clearly
    The keeper grabbed a ball near his goal line. A teammate kicked it out of his hands and into their goal. What's the call?
  • The teenager's challenge: Sleep well, play well
    Anyone who's raised an adolescent or teenager can likely attest that teenagers don't get as much sleep as they need.
  • Your crucial preseason checklist -- first-aid kit and emergency action plan
    With the spring season underway, here's an important check list and EAP reminder.
  • A ref's view on managing dissent
    Not allowing running commentary removes an important item that builds negative pressure during the match.
  • Beware aspiring refs: Assessment starts young
    A failure to concentrate on responsibilities and master the rules can derail one's path for advancement.
  • 15 coaching insights from Soccer America 2021 interviews
    From coaches we spoke to in 2021, here's what they said that may serve you well when you take the field in 2022.
  • The art of reffing solo
    I like to think that the referee's positioning isn't a diagonal as much as it is a modified version of a half-open scissor.
  • How the pandemic impacted youth sports (for the better)
    As life went virtual, it also returned to simplicity, pushing us to consider what's most important.
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