• Concussion study indicates higher risk for females -- another reminder for coaches to review recognition protocols
    There is some very good evidence out of Columbia University in New York that women are in fact more likely to sustain a concussion than men, however their recovery times are similar (both took about 14 days).
  • Referees should get a vote! And a rulebook would be nice
    The best way to figure out who's going to be voting for U.S. Soccer Federation President on Feb. 10 is to read Paul Kennedy's article, "Nuts and bolts: How U.S. Soccer's presidential election will work."
  • The Importance of Being an Assistant Referee
    I started refereeing in New York in 1978. One of the things that was interesting about refereeing is it was very much an individual pursuit for me as nearly all games in New York in the 1970s and 1980s, with the exception of semifinal and final games, plus a few other notable games, were officiated by one referee with the help of two club linesmen, who simply raised the flag when the ball was over the touchline.
  • How to navigate your child's path
    The choice of where to have your child play youth soccer can be very difficult. Multiple clubs, "select teams," or leagues will tout their services or programs, often with promises of glory down the road. There is no shortage of choices for where your child can spend the next year of development - and in the United States, parents have more choice than in any other country.
  • Honor the innate desire of children to learn through play
    Sometimes as coaches we ignore universal truths.
  • Should you play sports when you're sick?
    We're in that time of year when people start sneezing and coughing all around you. It's pretty easy to catch a cold or sinus congestion to generally make you feel lousy. And at the same time your team continues to practice and play games.
  • Advice for young referees -- and a plea to the adults who scream at them
    I was asked to give some words of encouragement to young refs who would be refereeing their club's intramural games. The refs were from 10 to 14 years old and they ref players age 6 to 12. Two refs to a game, one on each touchline, on small-sided fields, the largest which is 65 x 35 yards.
  • Let your kids play soccer in the house -- with small balls
    When I went to China to coach 6-year-old kids in a pilot program at five elementary schools in Beijing, I wanted to see what they were doing before I started with my contribution. All the kids had a big ball. Wrong!
  • Dear Coach, Forge relationships before results
    This Red Sanders quote popularly attributed to Vince Lombardi has misguided so many youth coaches and I was one of them. It is so clear, so powerful and so macho that it resonates with every fiber of testosterone in my competitive body.
  • The most difficult role in officiating: assisting a poor referee
    So I've officiated lots of games and realize what is my most difficult job as an official. And it's not what you might think.
  • A simple training technique with many benefits: running backwards
    Backwards running can be used in training, with several benefits, including for injury rehab and Improving muscular balance and coordination for defensive positioning.
  • Well-planned campus visits are key to making the right college connection
    For many students who are entering their junior and senior year of high school -- campus visits are essential to making the right college connection.
  • Dear Coach: Throw away your 1,000 Drills
    Did you just purchase 1,000 drills for five dollars on line? Get a refund, now.
  • Why we over-coach, why we shouldn't, and how not to
    While returning the player cards to a coach of the 9-year-olds I'd been reffing, I told him I noticed he had coached throughout the entire game.
  • Cruyff disciple Todd Beane on street soccer, coaching education and the current Dutch crisis
    The Dutch star Johan Cruyff had a profound impact on the soccer world as a player in the "Total Soccer" years of the 1970s and as a coach, especially while in charge of Barcelona's "Dream Team" of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when he had great influence on Pep Guardiola.
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