• Does Stretching Help? Answer: Yes, and No
    It turns out that the most effective way to reduce injury risk is through increased strength, followed by improved balance.
  • Beware of exercises that can hurt knees when not done correctly
    There's quite a bit of controversy between fitness professionals and medical professionals about the safety of various lower extremity conditioning activities.
  • Drink up: Hydration tips for summer soccer
    Hydration is a key element in proper sports safety, and a good hydration strategy will also improve performance.
  • Heat and humidity can be lethal for your players -- here's what to know
    It can be OK to practice in 100-degree weather, or it could be dangerous. It depends on the humidity factor.
  • U.S. Soccer releases 'full team competition' return-to-play guidlines (for when it's safe)
    In mid-July, the USA has averaged 60,000 new reported cases of COVID-19 for the last seven days -- three times as many as reported in the beginning of June.
  • Teenage athletes beware of RED-S: An under-recognized sports health disorder
    Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) is a serious health condition typically affecting teenage athletes.
  • Post-Workout Protein: What Your Muscles Need
    Protein intake is necessary to maintain muscle mass, and for most of us the best way to find our protein is through clean, natural dietary sources.
  • U.S. Soccer releases Phase 2 practice guide for return to play
    U.S. Soccer has added the Phase 2 guide, which reintroduces full-team training, to its Grassroots Soccer Recommendations Guide.
  • Active Recovery: The next piece in getting back to sports
    Active recovery is a process through which you use light exercise, tissue mobilization techniques, and even sleep to improve your recovery from more intense exercise sessions.
  • U.S. Soccer provides precise Phase 1 practice plans -- for when and if it's safe
    "It is vitally important that everyone involved in the process of return-to-play does so with extreme diligence and attention to the widely-agreed-upon standards and guidelines."
  • Why 'load management' matters. Ramping back to sports after COVID-19 layoff
    Every part of your body is helped by regular exercise and unfortunately that also means that every part of your body is negatively affected by a lack of exercise.
  • Ref's View: Preparing for a Return
    I am "refereeing" the live Bundesliga games on TV while also observing and critiquing the position of the ref.
  • The vital street soccer ingredient -- that early freedom to mess about
    We hear so much talk from so many involved people about the curse of overcoaching of young players. Why can't we just let 'em play?
  • Returning to play and exercise: Safety tips without the perfect playbook
    We should all be aware though that this won't be like flipping a light switch and turn everything back on the way it was before the virus restrictions.
  • San Jose's Tommy Thompson provides 100-plus ways to train at home and connects with the community
    The San Jose Earthquakes' Tommy Thompson has posted more than 100 practice-at-home videos -- his rhythm, precision and quickness make these fun to watch even if you're not the intended audience
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