• You know you're watching beginners soccer when ...
    You know you're watching beginners soccer when ...
  • Stealing from children -- and how to prevent it
    A youth soccer league's fees are raised, piquing the curiosity of a parent, who decides to investigate. She researches refereeing and field rental fees, and finds significant gaps between what was charged and what was paid for those services.
  • The Boys From Little Mexico: Chasing The American Dream
    Back in Mexico, Octavio's father had recognized his skill at school from an early age, and had pushed him to do well. When they debated whether he should join F.C. Atlas, his father told him that if he didn't play soccer, he should stay in Irapuato and go to high school, maybe even college.
  • Tryouts: The Worst Part of Coaching
    For many young players, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than trying out for a team. The reasons are plentiful. A player is: