• The latest coaching recipe
    For the second time in six years, the U.S. Soccer Federation has produced a handbook designed to improve youth coaching in America.
  • Claudio Reyna: 'Coaches should sit down'
    For many reasons, Claudio Reyna was the perfect choice to be named U.S. Soccer's Youth Technical Director one year ago.
  • Field play important for young keepers
    When goalkeepers reach their midteens and are serious about the position, they'll be competing for a starting spot on their club team. Some may be trying out for state or regional teams -- or even the national team program. Goalkeepers who have mastered most aspects of the position may find themselves losing out to keepers who have better foot skills. Keepers with superior foot skills expand their team's options and opportunities in numerous ways.
  • 'Whether boys or girls: be consistent, send clear message'
    A youth coach for nearly three decades, Theresa Echtermeyer is a director of coaching with Colorado United and also coaches the Mountain Vista High School boys and girls teams. She is a National Staff Coach and Instructor for the NSCAA. Echtermeyer spoke to us for the Youth Soccer Insider's ongoing interview series on key issues facing American youth soccer.
  • When They Were Children: Stories from the Stars
    One of the more enjoyable parts of interviewing stars is hearing anecdotes from their youth soccer days. Here are some from this season's MLS players:
  • A Mexican Adventure Continues: Life with Los Gallos
    While talking with a reporter over Skype on a computer in his room, David Adams hears a knock on the door. "Is your room clean and your bed made?" the man asks in Spanish.
  • Lecture them not
    If being told how to play enabled children to master soccer we'd have an excess of great players and superb teams.