• When They Were Children: World Cup Women
    The curb in front her house was an important part of Carli Lloyd's skill development.
  • Playing for the joy of it: Pick-up soccer
    I slipped on my David Beckham soccer jersey, threw my hair up in a messy ponytail and quickly tied my cleats. I needed to be there right away, I wasn't late, I just already felt like I was missing it, the field, the goal, everything.
  • Bayern's approach; England's birthdate issue; U-17s super Koroma
    Bayern Munich's youth program has produced current German national team stars Philipp Lahm, Thomas Mueller and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The 40 top players that came out of its academy in the last 12 years have a total market value of $320 million.
  • Former U-17 coach Roy Rees: USA should be further along
    How many players on the U.S. team currently competing at the U-17 World Cup in Mexico will make a significant impact on the full national team?
  • USA's top teens in world spotlight
    The present and future of American soccer will be on display this Sunday.
  • A stoplight guide to supplements
    A "supplement" by definition is something you would take in addition to whatever you would eat or drink in the course of your normal diet. Examples of supplements can range from commonly used and safe substances such as multivitamins, to generally safe performance improving substances such as creatine, and then to unsafe items such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.
  • Game-fixing; Turf wars; Silly ref gesture; case for school ball
    The coach of an Omaha FC U-13 girls team resigned after it was revealed he instructed his team to allow the opponents, a team from the same club, to score the game-winning goal that would send them to the state final.
  • 'When you whisper' ... Reflections on a Hall of Fame coach
    U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame welcomed Bob Gansler, who has deep roots in the youth game.
  • AYSO answered the call 40 years ago
    Sometimes we older folks feel compelled to tell our children about how different things were when we were kids.
  • Methods for maximizing flexibility
    We tend to think of young athletes as naturally flexible but in truth athletes of all ages can improve performance for sports by maximizing flexibility. In very simplistic terms, think of your muscles and tendons as elastic structures like rubber bands.