• 'Put best coaches at youngest ages' (Q&A with Mustang's Fred Wilson)
    The Youth Soccer Insider continues its interview series with youth club leaders by talking with Fred Wilson, the Boys Coaching Director of Northern California's Mustang Soccer, a club-slash-league with nearly 5,000 players under its umbrella
  • How adults can 'teach' kids by playing along
    One of the best ways for adults to coach children is to play along with them
  • The art of refereeing solo
    The referee's position is called a "diagonal," which he or she runs goes from corner flag to corner flag.
  • Tackling gay issues in sports
    The hardships faced by gay teens inspired the coming-out of former University of North Carolina star David Testo after nearly a decade of pro soccer in MLS, the USL and NASL. We contacted longtime soccer coach and journalist Dan Woog, the author of five books on gay and lesbian issues, to comment on the importance of pro athletes coming out and to offer advice for coaches on how to combat the homophobia that can torment gay and questioning teens.
  • Making sure the goals are safe
    The goals are 8 yards in length by 8 feet high. The youngest age groups in youth soccer will often use smaller goals. The goalposts must be white. Should referees come to a field with goalposts that are not white, play the game and report the color of the goal posts to the league.