• Mexican clubs cast net over U.S. talent
    Jose Nino's hopes of attending a four-year college hit a roadblock. The $11,000 from Pell and Cal Grants the 18-year-old is eligible for doesn't cover all the college costs.
  • A ref's recollection: Watching history unfold in Moscow
    In the thousands of games I have officiated, none were more memorable than a series of games exactly 20 years ago in Moscow during August 1991 in the closing days of the Soviet Union.
  • Precocious pros; Lack-of-height advantage(?); Reyna on 'players first'
    A player who still needs a ride to practice from his parents scored his first Major League Soccer goal earlier this month.
  • Wanted: Women coaches and refs
    I spent much of the last month watching soccer -- women's soccer, that is. The Women's World Cup, held every four years since it began a mere 20 years ago, is a young thing compared to its male sibling, the men's World Cup, which started in 1930. Yet this year's riveting three-week competition spotlighted women's soccer more than ever, inspiring girls everywhere to kick start their dribbling.
  • Can Klinsmann make a grass-roots impact?
    Before Jurgen Klinsmann's debut as U.S. coach against Mexico, ESPN's Julie Foudy asked him, "How would you define success over the next three years?"
  • Klinsmann's Early Years - Running free with the ball
    Juergen Klinsmann, the new USA coach, played in his first organized soccer game shortly before his 9th birthday, in Gingen, a German village with a population of 400.
  • Voices from Ajax Amsterdam: 'Everyone here wants the ball'
    Ajax Amsterdam, having produced players from Johan Cruyff to Wesley Sneijder, is considered by legions of American youth coaches as a model for youth development.
  • Keeping faith in the volunteer coach (Q&A: AYSO's George Kuntz)
    We spoke to George Kuntz, who was recently named AYSO's Player Development Technical Advisor, about the challenges of creating a soccer environment that suits recreational players and those who have the potential for excelling at the highest levels.
  • Do we get another Mia?
    One thing great soccer players have in common is that they grow up with a favorite player or two whom they idolize and emulate.
  • Ready to save? Warming up the keeper
    The best way for a keeper to be warmed up is to work with someone who understands the keeper's mentality. Therefore, the goalkeeper coach or backup keeper (acting on the keeper coach's instructions) should do the shooting.
  • Wilmer Cabrera: U.S. boys are immature
    For the 13th time in 14 appearances, the USA returned from the U-17 World Cup in Mexico without a win in the knockout stage, losing 4-0 to Germany in the round of 16 after going 1-1-1 group play. We spoke to Coach Wilmer Cabrera about his team's performance, the future of the U-17s residency program in Bradenton, and player development in the USA.
  • Is your club doing more with less?
    Soccer has evolved over the past 10-20 years. Thousands of town soccer clubs keep reinventing themselves by using new technology, new equipment, new playing formats for different ages and implementing new training systems, to name a few. The end result for many of these clubs is the ability to run a club with fewer volunteers than ever before.
  • When They Were Children: World Cup Women
    The curb in front her house was an important part of Carli Lloyd's skill development.
  • Playing for the joy of it: Pick-up soccer
    I slipped on my David Beckham soccer jersey, threw my hair up in a messy ponytail and quickly tied my cleats. I needed to be there right away, I wasn't late, I just already felt like I was missing it, the field, the goal, everything.
  • Bayern's approach; England's birthdate issue; U-17s super Koroma
    Bayern Munich's youth program has produced current German national team stars Philipp Lahm, Thomas Mueller and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The 40 top players that came out of its academy in the last 12 years have a total market value of $320 million.