• Jorge Campos: Enjoy and Practice Plenty
    Watching Jorge Campos navigate San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf reminds one of what made him such a delightful soccer star. During his futile search for a Starbucks -- he settles for a Peet's -- he's always smiling and cracking jokes. Later in the day, he's signing autographs in San Jose and enjoying himself as much as the children who idolize the Mexican goalkeeping legend.
  • How Refs Can Improve: Listen to Assessor's Criticism
    Unquestionably, I've made many mistakes officiating soccer games. If there were a list of soccer referees in the United States and the number of mistakes they had made, my name would be near the very top of the list. Yet a longtime coach recently said to me, "But the percentage of calls you make that are wrong is very low."
  • National power emerges from Minnesota residency program (Tim Carter Q&A)
    Shattuck-Saint Mary's, a Minnesota day and boarding prep school, became famous for its hockey "Center of Excellence" that has spawned more than 50 NHL draft picks since the program's inception in 1992. In 2005, the Shattuck-Saint Mary enlisted Tim Carter to create a soccer version. Its alumni include U.S. international Teal Bunbury and this year Carter's U-18 team finished U.S. Soccer Development Academy runner-up to the New York Red Bulls. We spoke to Carter, who served as U.S. Soccer's Director of Youth Development in 1995-2001, about his unique program and the evolution of American youth soccer.
  • On the Way to Play -- Kids Take Cues from Parents
    Many a big game has been lost, and many a performance has been ruined, before a single player even steps on the field. It's called the car ride to the game!
  • The Ride Home: Not a Teachable Moment
    Numerous researchers have asked athletes of all ages and abilities what was their least favorite sports moment, and their answer was nearly unanimous: after the game and the conversation on the ride home.
  • Keeper Questions: Getting a shy one to speak -- and in useful manner
    In the latest edition of "Keeper Questions": How to get keepers to communicate -- and in the most useful manner.
  • Nature vs. Nurture: 'The Sports Gene' search mostly skips soccer
    David Epstein's book, "The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance," is a fascinating look into scientific attempts to gauge "nature vs. nurture" in sports.
  • Keeper Questions: Coaching Consistency; How to Spice Up Training
    In the latest edition of "Keeper Questions": Coaching for consistency and spicing up practice ...