• Robbie Rogers' Story of Soccer, Pain and Love
    Robbie Rogers, like all players who make it to the higher levels of the game, spent a lot of time playing soccer on his own, away from the organized practices and games. And like most such players, he has a tale of indoor destruction.
  • Bayern Makes its Move
    One thing we hear a lot from the foreign clubs coming to the USA is how they're aiming to help Americans produce better soccer players.
  • Give parents their money's worth
    What are the keys to a club providing an optimal experience for the different levels of teams under its umbrella: from comp to rec?
  • Briana Scurry: Good coaches understand kids
    "We play sports because we want to be a part of something," says Briana Scurry, who was a big part of two U.S. Olympic gold medal wins and famously saved the penalty kick in the 1999 Women's World Cup final victory.
  • Lee Nguyen's journey began in Texas backyard
    The latest edition of our "When They Were Children" series looks at Lee Nguyen's youth soccer experience. The 28-year-old's 18 goals were fourth best in MLS this season, the most by an American, and led to a call-up for national team duty by Coach Jurgen Klinsmann.
  • The DOC's 3 most important duties
    A Director of Coaching at a club needs to possess many talents. The DOC must be a good listener and also hard of hearing at some times. He or she must be determined to stay the course and, also, make changes for the betterment of the organization.