• Red card? How to call DOGSO
    Denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity (DOGSO) is a red-card offense.
  • Alexi Lalas strikes a chord on foreign clubs coming to USA
    "Make no mistake. This is a gold rush. This is a land grab." That's Alexi Lalas after being asked by The Guardian about foreign clubs -- such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Everton -- making ambitious moves into American youth soccer.
  • Small-sided push from USSF promises long-term benefits
    The U.S. Soccer Federation looks like it is getting ready to mandate small-sided games. My comment: what took you so long?
  • Ref, Can we talk?
    Among the feedback we got from last week's column on referee abuse ("Blaming the ref doesn't work") were those who pointed out that sometimes coaches do feel a legitimate need to communicate with the referee -- especially when the coaches believe their players' safety is at risk.
  • Blaming the ref doesn't work
    I've long believed that coaches lashing out at referees is a counter-productive practice. After reffing and ARing nearly 40 youth games in the last year -- and surveying other referees -- I'm even more sure of it.
  • Refs, a smile goes a long way
    Leo Durocher was a baseball lifer who was a better manager than player. So much so that his teammate, Babe Ruth, called him the "All-American out."