• Reffing the Problem Player
    You and I, and truly all of humanity, have a wonderful potential to make a difference in the world. All we need to do at first is to get started. Arguably the most significant thing that I ever did was start refereeing when I was 16 years old.
  • High School vs. Club: Can this storm be sent out to sea?
    This soccer storm, with some collaboration and communication, can be blown out to sea or it could devastate and rock the soccer world.
  • Six Reasons Parents Should Not Watch Practice
    The idea for this article struck me as I sat in my car after dropping off a carpool of girls to practice last week. I was scheduled to drive the carpool both ways and it made sense to stay at the fields for practice as the fields were 30 minutes from my house.
  • Building club affinity: One surefire method to bond members
    By Charlie Slagle Club leaders should always attempt to build club affinity. This can be a difficult chore if the club has multiple teams in a single age bracket. Tension between the families and toward the club of these teams can develop due to the inevitable placing of players. In addition to running a club with great business practices, club leaders need to devise plans that benefit all the players in the club. The plans should be short- and long-range in nature that take into account more than a particular season or year. Many clubs use barbecues, free-play nights, 3v3 …
  • Tony DiCicco: 'We should be excellent in every position'
    Tony DiCicco coached the USA to crowns at the 1996 Olympics, 1999 Women's World Cup and 2008 U-20 World Cup. We spoke to DiCicco about the state of youth soccer in the USA.
  • Ref Watch: Player Pass Check Provides Chance to Make a Good First Impression
    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. For referees of youth soccer games, that first impression generally comes when checking player passes.