• Coaches Need to Control Themselves -- Players Mimic Coaches
    I have been a referee with the New York Metro Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NYMISOA) for the past three decades and look forward to receiving the 30-Year Service Award at the NYMISOA Awards Dinner on November 9. Also being honored are the most sporting college and junior college coaches in the New York City metro area as voted by our officials.
  • Well-planned campus visits are key to making the right college connection
    We're starting to plan college visits for our high school children. They'd like to play soccer. What advance work should they be doing ahead of arriving on a campus?
  • Massapequa returns McGuire Cup to New York for first time in 59 years
    Massapequa Arsenal became the first team from New York to win the McGuire Cup since 1959 when it captured the under-19 boys title at the 2015 U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a 3-1 win over three-time champion St. Louis Scott Gallagher
  • 'Coaches in Latino community need support from parents' (Joe Supe Q&A)
    Joe Supe, head coach of Southern California's Irvine Valley College's women's team, has spent two decades working to integrate Latino and Latina players into mainstream, competitive soccer. Supe, who started coaching with Southern California Youth Soccer League in 1998, is also a coaching instructor for U.S. Soccer, the NSCAA and Concacaf.
  • Development Academy honors include best 'style of play'
    Unique in postseason awards, the U.S. Soccer Development Academy recognizes teams for best "style of play" in addition to the player and coach of the year honors, among others. The style winners include U-15/16 FC Dallas and U-17/18 Chicago Fire, who won the 2015 national titles.
  • U.S. Soccer OKs caps for refs
    Kudos to the U.S. Soccer Federation, which has announced its approval for referees to wear caps.
  • FC Dallas youth movement forges ahead
    Last Saturday, MLS's first-place team FC Dallas beat D.C United, 2-1. Its first goal came from 19-year-old Kellyn Acosta. The gamewinner by Fabian Castillo was set up by a 23-year-old, Victor Ulloa.
  • MLS teams book all Development Academy final spots
    Georgia United U-15/16, the only non-MLS club to reach the semifinals of either age group in the 2015 U.S. Soccer Development Academy Championships, fell to New York Red Bulls, 2-1, on Thursday.
  • Matias Asorey: 'If players enjoy training, they give more effort and energy'
    Matias Asorey, the Technical Director of Florida's Kendall Soccer Coalition, was 2014 U.S. Soccer Development Academy U-15/16 East Coach of the Year and is one of U.S. Soccer's 20 candidates for the new Academy Director license, the highest-level USSF course offered for youth coaches.
  • Is skipping high school soccer worth it?
    My son got invited to play on a U.S. Soccer Development Academy team. But that would mean not playing high school ball. ...
  • Cooperation formula pays off for Georgia United
    Seven of the eight semifinal spots in the two U.S. Soccer Development Academy age groups have gone to MLS clubs. The exception is Georgia United, which beat the Vancouver Whitecaps in a shootout after the teams tied their U-15/16 quarterfinal, 2-2, in Burnaby, B.C.
  • Street Soccer USA's Lawrence Cann: Creating a model for urban America
    Lawrence Cann is the president and founder of Street Soccer USA, whose purpose is to strengthen communities of disadvantaged adults and youth in urban areas by introducing them to, and facilitating, a love for the game of soccer.
  • How Jill Ellis became a world champion coach
    John Ellis, an Englishman who came to the USA in 1980 to introduce European-style youth soccer programs to the Northern Virginia, had a pretty good sense that his daughter, Jillian, could become a successful coach.View image | gettyimages.com
  • Lessons from Jill Ellis and the U.S. women
    It's wonderful that millions of aspiring players and coaches watched the Women's World Cup final. Not because the USA won, but because how it won. Many aspects of the victory serve as excellent examples of how to play successful and entertaining soccer.
  • No shortage of national championships for kids in USA
    If the USA unequivocally leads the soccer world in something, it's championships for kids.