• Mexico trip reveals U.S. U-17 attack promising, defense needs shoring up
    The U.S. U-17 boys national team scored eight goals in three games at the 2016 Torneo de Naciones in Mexico and took a 1-0 lead within two minutes against the host in the deciding game.
  • The 21 U.S. girls aiming to make history
    The USA has won three Women's World Cups, four Olympic titles, and three U-20 Women's World Cups. The only world championship on the female side the USA has never won is the U-17 Women's World Cup, a biennial competition that launched in 2008.
  • Revisiting ice after injury
    The acronym RICE -- which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation -- has been around since Dr. Gabe Mirkin introduced it in 1978. Since then, healthcare professionals have viewed it almost as gospel that immediately after an acute sports injury you apply ice and light compression. I've never encountered a single athletic trainer or team doctor that wouldn't recommend this, and I also recommend it for young athletes in the first few days after a joint injury.
  • Champions: U.S. U-15 girls perfect in Orlando; U-18 boys lift Czech crown
    The USA outscored seven opponents 49-0 and won the Concacaf U-15 Girls Championship with a 2-0 win over Canada in the final after a 5-0 win Costa Rica in the semifinals in Orlando, Florida.
  • Reffing in Russia: Remembering History, 25 Years Later
    For a long time, I looked positively at the Soviet military cap and Moscow police cap I had received as gifts. Now, I'm not so sure.
  • How about some hot sauce with that leg cramp?
    I'm pretty sure anyone who's ever played a sport has had a muscle cramp at some point. Maybe the calf, foot, hamstring, or even the "side ache," which is most likely a cramp in the diaphragm muscle.
  • U.S. Soccer names final 22 clubs to Girls Development Academy for total of 74
    U.S. Soccer has accepted an additional 22 clubs to the Girls Development Academy, which will kick off in fall of 2017 with 74 clubs fielding teams in U-14/15, U-16/17 and U-18/19 competition
  • U.S. U-20s down New York Cosmos and Red Bulls II
    The U.S. U-20 men's national team, during a 10-day training camp in New Jersey, beat the NASL's New York Cosmos, 2-0, and the USL's New York Red Bulls II, 4-3.
  • Q&A: U.S. U-20 coach Michelle French on country vs. college conflict
    Thirteen of the USA's 18-woman squad at the Olympic Games in Rio played in a U-20 Women's World Cup, as did 15 members of the USA's 2015 Women's World Cup-winning team. We spoke with U.S. U-20 coach Michelle French.
  • Bahrain eliminates U.S. U-19 men in game marred by brawl
    The U.S. U-19 men's national team, after having upset host Spain, was eliminated from the Sub-20 l'Acudia COTIF tournament with a 3-1 loss to Bahrain in a game that ended with a brawl.
  • Cal South clubs claim four US Youth Soccer national titles
    South California clubs won a pair of US Youth Soccer national titles last weekend in both boys and girls competitions, including FC Golden State's lifting of the McGuire Cup, the U-19 boys competition that is the nation's oldest youth trophy, dating back to 1935.