• A simple training technique with many benefits: running backwards
    Backwards running can be used in training, with several benefits, including for injury rehab and Improving muscular balance and coordination for defensive positioning.
  • Well-planned campus visits are key to making the right college connection
    For many students who are entering their junior and senior year of high school -- campus visits are essential to making the right college connection.
  • Dear Coach: Throw away your 1,000 Drills
    Did you just purchase 1,000 drills for five dollars on line? Get a refund, now.
  • Why we over-coach, why we shouldn't, and how not to
    While returning the player cards to a coach of the 9-year-olds I'd been reffing, I told him I noticed he had coached throughout the entire game.
  • Cruyff disciple Todd Beane on street soccer, coaching education and the current Dutch crisis
    The Dutch star Johan Cruyff had a profound impact on the soccer world as a player in the "Total Soccer" years of the 1970s and as a coach, especially while in charge of Barcelona's "Dream Team" of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when he had great influence on Pep Guardiola.