• A Ref's View: Parents say the strangest things
    The innocence of those other U-9 games were completely lost in this one. There were many fouls in the game and the comments made by the so-called adults during the match were rather sad.
  • Reffing at the younger ages: Kids say the darndest things
    In these games, the ref can be more of a teacher than an enforcer and I tried to emulate Willy Wonka (the Gene Wilder version).
  • Love in the time of futbol -- childhood memories that make World Cup time so special
    What is it about the World Cup that arrests me so? What I am chasing every four years?
  • Reffing helps keep me young
    While I continue to grow older, the ages of those playing soccer remains the same. As a referee, I'm in the same boat as teachers in this regard.
  • Why ACL injury prevention programs should start when the players are young
    I believe in the value of the FIFA 11 program to reduce ACL and lower extremity injury rates, and make better soccer players.