• When controlling the parents becomes problematic, leave them out
    The U-16 All-Star team I coached this fall prepped for its tournament against a travel team. They looked amazing, and they could hardly stop scoring.
  • Should refs call players by name?
    The ref is the ultimate neutral and it looks very bad if he or she knows the players on only one team.
  • Closing the gap between curriculum and methodology: A necessity for development
    One of the most common proofs of development expertise referred to by clubs across the country, and frequently described as such to their members, is the club “curriculum.” This often described, but rarely seen, document is considered a guiding North Star when many describe the process for teaching and developing young players within their club. But while a club curriculum is helpful and positive, a curriculum-driven perspective reflects a need for significantly more thought and study that, if undertaken, would greatly improve the development environment for millions of players. The word “curriculum,” the scope of the document itself, and its …
  • USSF's Play-Practice-Play provides a better framework -- but there's always room for improvisation
    In my first season, the verdict is positive -- mostly. But as with all coaching methodologies, you're going to find a reality check.
  • Overuse Injuries: How parents can watch for the signs in their children
    "What advice would you give to a parent of a youth soccer player regarding being proactive or reactive to injuries and overall health?"