• Post-Workout Protein: What Your Muscles Need
    Protein intake is necessary to maintain muscle mass, and for most of us the best way to find our protein is through clean, natural dietary sources.
  • U.S. Soccer releases Phase 2 practice guide for return to play
    U.S. Soccer has added the Phase 2 guide, which reintroduces full-team training, to its Grassroots Soccer Recommendations Guide.
  • Active Recovery: The next piece in getting back to sports
    Active recovery is a process through which you use light exercise, tissue mobilization techniques, and even sleep to improve your recovery from more intense exercise sessions.
  • U.S. Soccer provides precise Phase 1 practice plans -- for when and if it's safe
    "It is vitally important that everyone involved in the process of return-to-play does so with extreme diligence and attention to the widely-agreed-upon standards and guidelines."
  • Why 'load management' matters. Ramping back to sports after COVID-19 layoff
    Every part of your body is helped by regular exercise and unfortunately that also means that every part of your body is negatively affected by a lack of exercise.