• The Ride Home is Not a Teachable Moment
    Do you tend to criticize and dissect your child's performance after a loss but overlook many of the same mistakes because she won?
  • A simple training technique with many benefits: running backward
    Backward running can be used in training, with several benefits, including for injury rehab and Improving muscular balance and coordination for defensive positioning.
  • Is cold therapy for you? Assessing the risks and benefits of different types of cryotherapy
    There's been quite a bit of interest in cryotherapy (various forms of using cold temperatures for recovery and health benefits). Is applying ice immediately after an injury really the best thing to do for healing and recovery?
  • Ref watch: Adjusting to the electronic whistle requires some practice
    When it came my time to ref with an electronic whistle, on my first decision I mistakenly tried to raise the electronic whistle to my mouth out of habit.