• Choosing the optimal college ID camps
    ID camps have become an entrenched part of the college soccer process, and accordingly, the number and type of them have expanded.
  • Ref Watch: Rule-makers to tackle the dissent problem? We've heard that before.
    The quest to "improve participant behavior" could be hailed if we weren't familiar with how glacially the wheels of FIFA's rule-makers turn.
  • Ref Watch: A fun part of reffing -- meeting the players
    The check-in process is mainly about player eligibility and ensuring safety, but it's also a chance to interact with the players and coaches.
  • Ref Watch: Throw-ins, corner-kick own goals and the new rulebook
    There were only five minutes left in the U-15 game when I first got yelled at by a parent, upset about a throw-in.
  • Heat and humidity can be lethal for your players -- here's what to know
    It can be OK to practice in 100-degree weather, or it could be dangerous. It depends much on the humidity factor.
  • Ref Watch: Teenage job quests led Tori Penso and Katja Koroleva to World Cup
    Also part of the U.S. officiating crew Down Under are VAR Armando Villarreal and ARs Brooke Mayo, Felisha Mariscal and Kathryn Nesbitt.
  • The youth soccer stories of the USA's Women's World Cup players: 1 through 23
    From 18-year-old Alyssa Thompson to 38-year-old Megan Rapinoe: the paths taken to soccer's highest level.
  • Ref Watch: The joys of being a teenage referee
    Why did I start reffing when I was a kid and why did I continue?
  • Referees deserve better from TV commentators
    How broadcasters react to foul play influences soccer at the grassroots.
  • Youth soccer club boards and PTA
    Remedies to avoid the boards being transitional:. maintaining institutional memory and developing a sound succession plan.
  • Ref Watch: Who's lost control?
    On finger-pointing when games flare up. Plus: ref news from around the globe.
  • Matt Crocker on English youth soccer revolution (SA September 2017 interview)
    On Tuesday, Crocker will be named U.S. Soccer's new sporting director, replacing Earnie Stewart.
  • Curse of short-sighted thinking: How U.S. youth soccer clubs continue to shoot themselves in the foot
    The transitional nature of boards has a negative impact on the sustainability of the governance of clubs.
  • Ref Watch: Police sergeant arrested for punching a referee!
    Players abusing referees has been normalized at the pro level, and on-field belligerence can inflame the sidelines.
  • Are college ID camps a necessary evil?
    Charging college soccer hopefuls to be evaluated has become an entrenched part of the process.
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