• For rising sophomores, summer is time to jump-start college search
    Create a list of colleges that appeal to you -- and do a little homework. Visit their website, look at the admissions criteria.
  • A Ref's View: The Value of a Good Coach
    In the first game, we were more like judges, but in the second game, we were enforcers.
  • Teenage growth spurt: A risky time for soccer injury
    A recently published scientific study shows that the six months following peak growth spurt is the highest risk time for injury in male soccer players.
  • Have we been too harsh on direct soccer?
    The other team simply blasted the ball up the field to forwards who were faster than our defenders.
  • Refs and Our Uniforms
    Maybe the powers that be should hold off creating new ref jerseys for the next 25 years so we don't have to keep buying all these shirts.
  • College-bound seniors: A checklist for an exciting and busy time
    Between finals, proms and graduation ceremonies, you really want to make a smooth transition from high school to college.
  • Referee mechanics on free kicks: handling delay tactics, the 10-yard rule, and wall scuffles
    Generally, restarting play will not be challenging on free kicks when the ball is far from the goal. However ...
  • How to keep kids playing? Offer something different
    It's unrealistic to think we're going to retain 100 percent or even 75 percent from age 12 to age 18 in organized soccer.
  • Ref abuse isn't a consumer right
    Instead of running the officials off the field, thank them for giving up their evening or weekend to officiate your contest.
  • Running a youth club: Steve Gans' advice for DOCs, the Board, and parents
    Operating a youth soccer club in the USA comes with all the complexities of running a business, including legal matters.
  • Use lines to help you ref
    In soccer, I'm increasingly refereeing with lines from diverse sports on the field as turf fields are often used for football and lacrosse. And these lines can be a help to the ref.
  • Injured Player? Take Safe Steps in the Return-To-Play Decision
    One of the toughest decisions in youth sports is determining when a player who has suffered an injury is ready to return to action.
  • United Soccer Coaches Convention: What to expect at the soccer wonderland for coaches from rec to pro
    The world's largest annual gathering of soccer coaches and administrators takes place Jan. 9-13 in Chicago.
  • A balanced approach that includes supporting high school ball will move American soccer forward
    The change so many are calling for must not be in the form of a bulldozer demolishing the very programs that built the American soccer story
  • The College Process: Be Prepared, Proactive and Persistent
    As high school students across the nation enter another grade, many will begin the exciting -- and at times overwhelming -- process of preparing for college.
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