• The challenges referees face while coping with injuries
    This past May, I was refereeing a Long Island Junior Soccer League game when I felt a twinge in my right knee while running.
  • Making the game day 'go' or 'no go' decision
    The decision whether an athlete should be allowed to play or should sit out after injury is always an interesting one to observe from afar.
  • Be on the lookout for anxiety in young athletes
    As coaches, parents, and teammates, we can go a long way to helping those in need by recognizing possible signs of anxiety or depression
  • How do referees improve?
    For me, there are five ways that refs can improve and I will describe each way here in order of importance.
  • Lightning can be lethal: Here's what to know
    If you are running a team or league it's best to have a clear policy in place at the start of the season for a lightning safety protocol, identifying safe locations, and guidelines for resuming play.
  • A Ref's View: Parents say the strangest things
    The innocence of those other U-9 games were completely lost in this one. There were many fouls in the game and the comments made by the so-called adults during the match were rather sad.
  • Reffing at the younger ages: Kids say the darndest things
    In these games, the ref can be more of a teacher than an enforcer and I tried to emulate Willy Wonka (the Gene Wilder version).
  • Love in the time of futbol -- childhood memories that make World Cup time so special
    What is it about the World Cup that arrests me so? What I am chasing every four years?
  • Reffing helps keep me young
    While I continue to grow older, the ages of those playing soccer remains the same. As a referee, I'm in the same boat as teachers in this regard.
  • Why ACL injury prevention programs should start when the players are young
    I believe in the value of the FIFA 11 program to reduce ACL and lower extremity injury rates, and make better soccer players.
  • The differences between coaching girls and boys -- and the importance of building confidence
    Anson Dorrance, gave me an invaluable piece of advice when I first started coaching. He advised me to give the girls on the team the first 10 minutes of practice.
  • How to navigate coaching education pathways in the USA
    Whatever the level of the athlete, team and coach, learning and enjoyment should always be crucial considerations of the training and game environment.
  • Grant Wahl's 'Masters of Modern Soccer': A unique contribution to coaching and player education
    For a book that's chock-full of insight into playing successful soccer, "Masters of Modern Soccer: How the World's Best Play the Twenty-First-Century Game" stands out.
  • Coping with Injury: Key steps to turning the setback into an asset
    For many athletes, whether an elite professional or a recreational athlete, dealing with the possibility of missing a really important event can create significant psychological challenges.
  • A ref's incorrect striving for perfection
    Why is it that I might be a relatively average looking guy but I look very good in my photos, including the images in this space? It's because that I'm good at Photoshop.
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