• The vital street soccer ingredient -- that early freedom to mess about
    We hear so much talk from so many involved people about the curse of overcoaching of young players. Why can't we just let 'em play?
  • Returning to play and exercise: Safety tips without the perfect playbook
    We should all be aware though that this won't be like flipping a light switch and turn everything back on the way it was before the virus restrictions.
  • San Jose's Tommy Thompson provides 100-plus ways to train at home and connects with the community
    The San Jose Earthquakes' Tommy Thompson has posted more than 100 practice-at-home videos -- his rhythm, precision and quickness make these fun to watch even if you're not the intended audience
  • Wellness Influencer Or Snake Oil Peddler? Beware of unproven quick-fixes
    There's so much upheaval in our personal and business lives now so it's only natural that we're on the lookout for the fastest possible solution.
  • The high school view (Part 2): How coaches can raise their game during the pandemic interruption
    Despite so many horrors, the pandemic gives coaches a chance to sit back and reflect on the things that really matter.
  • Becoming a Better Ref During This Down Time
    One thing that I will remember when play resumes is how much I missed refereeing when I could not do it.
  • This crazy time can be an opportunity to reboot and recover
    During this period of forced time off, take the time to get some rest, then get back in to building baseline fitness and individual skills.
  • The new role of the coach: Evolving to fill gap in our social safety network for children
    There's a psychological and child-safety crisis brewing here with the imposed isolation of our youth, and we have to find our ways to help address it.
  • John Cone on staying fit with individual training
    As competitive players face this period of isolation, we checked in with health, fitness and sports science expert, Coach John Cone.
  • Navigating the college choice process during COVID-19's interruption: Advice and info from Lisa Lavelle
    The recruiting questionnaires found on most college web sites helps coaches identify prospective students-athletes who are serious about their school academically and athletically.
  • When in-person training and games are not possible, the coach can still coach
    How can we engage and encourage our players while training in person is suspended?
  • COVID-19 impact on youth soccer: Haley Carter provides advice for clubs and parents
    This is going to be a difficult time financially for many organizations, their staff, coaches, players, and parents.
  • Kids playing on their own: Juggling develops skill and provides fun with the ball
    This part of our series about how children can improve their soccer without team play provides video to emulate the stars and variations of juggling for players of all levels.
  • More than ever, coaches should take care of themselves and be good neighbors to those around them
    Yes, that tournament you were traveling to is off. And yes, your league is suspended. These are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme.
  • Tom Byer: 'This is an opportunity to focus on individual technical skill development'
    We checked in with Tom Byer, a longtime advocate of children playing with the ball on their own to develop and sharpen skills.
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