• Why ACL injury prevention programs should start when the players are young
    I believe in the value of the FIFA 11 program to reduce ACL and lower extremity injury rates, and make better soccer players.
  • The differences between coaching girls and boys -- and the importance of building confidence
    Anson Dorrance, gave me an invaluable piece of advice when I first started coaching. He advised me to give the girls on the team the first 10 minutes of practice.
  • How to navigate coaching education pathways in the USA
    Whatever the level of the athlete, team and coach, learning and enjoyment should always be crucial considerations of the training and game environment.
  • Grant Wahl's 'Masters of Modern Soccer': A unique contribution to coaching and player education
    For a book that's chock-full of insight into playing successful soccer, "Masters of Modern Soccer: How the World's Best Play the Twenty-First-Century Game" stands out.
  • Coping with Injury: Key steps to turning the setback into an asset
    For many athletes, whether an elite professional or a recreational athlete, dealing with the possibility of missing a really important event can create significant psychological challenges.
  • A ref's incorrect striving for perfection
    Why is it that I might be a relatively average looking guy but I look very good in my photos, including the images in this space? It's because that I'm good at Photoshop.
  • U.S. Soccer blundered badly on high school soccer
    American soccer, so plagued by the pay-to-play problem. If only there was youth soccer that didn't charge kids so much money.
  • Caffeine for Athletic Performance: Good or Avoid?
    Let's have a look at a some issues around caffeine consumption for sport performance by age groups.
  • How to Retain Referees (Part 2): Start by getting coaches and refs in same room
    There is a referee shortage as most youth soccer refs quit in their first two years with verbal abuse being the No. 1 reason for quitting.
  • How to Retain Referees (Part 1)
    We lose most refs in their first two years of refereeing with verbal abuse being the No. 1 reason for refs quitting.
  • Low-back pain in the teenage athlete: Early intervention is the key
    I'm seeing more young athletes with low-back pain, it seems that the incidence is increasing.
  • A Parent's Guide to Game Day and Practice -- from Kaz Tambi
    "We want the parent's role only to be supportive and encouraging," says Kaz Tambi.
  • Not enforcing rules becomes a slippery slope
    The assistant referees were having a lively debate at halftime. I was the ref of a Division 3 women's college game.
  • Your crucial preseason checklist -- first-aid kit and emergency action plan
    With the spring season kicking off, this is the perfect time to make sure you've got the first-aid kit in order -- and ...
  • Director of Coaching: What's the job?
    The role of the Director of Coaching of a youth soccer club is often misunderstood -- by players, parents, and sometimes even coaches themselves.
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