• Navigating the college choice process during COVID-19's interruption: Advice and info from Lisa Lavelle
    The recruiting questionnaires found on most college web sites helps coaches identify prospective students-athletes who are serious about their school academically and athletically.
  • When in-person training and games are not possible, the coach can still coach
    How can we engage and encourage our players while training in person is suspended?
  • COVID-19 impact on youth soccer: Haley Carter provides advice for clubs and parents
    This is going to be a difficult time financially for many organizations, their staff, coaches, players, and parents.
  • Kids playing on their own: Juggling develops skill and provides fun with the ball
    This part of our series about how children can improve their soccer without team play provides video to emulate the stars and variations of juggling for players of all levels.
  • More than ever, coaches should take care of themselves and be good neighbors to those around them
    Yes, that tournament you were traveling to is off. And yes, your league is suspended. These are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme.
  • Tom Byer: 'This is an opportunity to focus on individual technical skill development'
    We checked in with Tom Byer, a longtime advocate of children playing with the ball on their own to develop and sharpen skills.
  • Let the Game Be the Teacher: A Whole-Part-Whole Approach to Practice
    We were told to start small, one child or two per ball, and then build to larger, more complex activities before finishing with a game.
  • The Dreaded Side Ache: Possible Causes and Prevention Methods
    The athlete typically feels a sharp, localized pain just below the right rib cage. The pain can come on suddenly.
  • Start practice with real soccer: U.S. Soccer rolls out its Grassroots 'learning through play' courses in Spanish
    It's never been a secret that great players spent lots of time playing soccer when they were very young.
  • How Referees Deal With Trash Talking
    "You can't stop me," "The only way that you can stop me is by fouling," "You got nothing" and "Look at the scoreboard" -- are the words of a trash-talker.
  • Why kids keep playing sports -- and inaccurate gender-based stereotypes
    What makes kids drop out of sports, and equally importantly, what can we do to keep kids playing?
  • The Ride Home is Not a Teachable Moment
    Do you tend to criticize and dissect your child's performance after a loss but overlook many of the same mistakes because she won?
  • My view of the new rules after months of enforcing them
    Handling, goal kicks and coach discipline were among the areas affected by FIFA rule changes for the 2019-20 season.
  • Five tips to help you come back from an injury
    With some modifications these are applicable for people who've had surgery and also for those who haven't.
  • Mirella Ceja-Orozco on what coaches with immigrant players should know
    It's important for coaches to know what the rights of their players in the event that they are in an unexpected encounter with immigration officers.
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