• Heel pain known as 'Sever's disease' frequently affects young athletes
    Sever's disease is actually a rather common condition of active youth athletes and can be controlled while allowing the young athlete to continue sports activity.
  • Treating the common 'growing pain' known as Osgood-Schlatter syndrome
    Some kids will have only mild pain while performing certain activities, especially running and jumping. For others, the pain is nearly constant and debilitating.
  • No parents on the sidelines: Both wonderful and sad
    These games without parents on the sideline are remarkably different from those with the usual constant yelling.
  • Five tips to help you come back from an injury
    With some modifications these are applicable for people who've had surgery and also for those who haven't.
  • Ref's View: How many games are too many?
    Refs who take on more and more assignments and officiate all day from the kickoff circle are not going to advance.
  • Return to play after COVID-19 infection is high but requires careful medical consultation
    COVID-19 has been associated with heart problems, including reduced ability to pump blood and abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Refs need to explain some decisions
    Sometimes the only ones at a youth soccer game who have read the rulebook are the referee and any assistant referees.
  • Ref's View: Leniency on 'holding' can create out-of-control games
    Of the direct-kick fouls in soccer, arguably the easiest one to call is holding, or to quote directly from the rules, "holds an opponent."
  • The misplaced faith in repetition training and the benefits of interleaving
    There is a lot of bad advice given to both athletes and coaches when it comes to learning, but perhaps the worst is "repetition, repetition, repetition."
  • The Ride Home is Not a Teachable Moment
    Do you tend to criticize and dissect your child's performance after a loss but overlook many of the same mistakes because she won?
  • A simple training technique with many benefits: running backward
    Backward running can be used in training, with several benefits, including for injury rehab and Improving muscular balance and coordination for defensive positioning.
  • Is cold therapy for you? Assessing the risks and benefits of different types of cryotherapy
    There's been quite a bit of interest in cryotherapy (various forms of using cold temperatures for recovery and health benefits). Is applying ice immediately after an injury really the best thing to do for healing and recovery?
  • Ref watch: Adjusting to the electronic whistle requires some practice
    When it came my time to ref with an electronic whistle, on my first decision I mistakenly tried to raise the electronic whistle to my mouth out of habit.
  • Make it your New Year's Resolution to Become a Ref
    I learned how to stay fit, to remain calm at all times, to manage others while expanding myself and earning some money on the side.
  • Note the baseline when you begin the coaching and learning journey
    Children are complex and remarkable beings. They develop better with advocacy than with negative scrutiny.
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