• How refs get through challenging games -- use 'Triple H'
    What happens when a game suddenly goes south and you as the ref might not even understand why?
  • Going for goal benefits young players in many ways
    Let's get something straight: Defense does not win championships.
  • After a decade of youth coaching, I'm firing myself
    After 28 seasons of youth coaching, I have arrived at a candid bit of self-realization.
  • A Ref's View: Playing styles clash amid the screams of coaches and parents
    The tournament final started in pleasant conditions, a nice respite from two days of refereeing in a broiler.
  • Refs improve in a meritocracy
    With the soccer ref shortage across the United States, assignors often have to find every warm body so they can cover all the games.
  • What does a youth team coach want from the players' parents?
    Clear communication, in both directions, is key to the parent-coach relationship.
  • How referees need to deal with dissent from coaches
    Refs should deal with dissenting coaches by utilizing the Ask, Tell and Dismiss protocol recommended by US Soccer.
  • Are you ready for soccer after your ACL surgery?
    Readiness for return to sports activity after ACL surgery depends on many factors.
  • What leagues want from their refs
    Refs are paid to blow their whistle and keep control of the game for the safety of the players.
  • At what age should we post results?
    The goal is obvious -- coaches should be focusing on development, not winning, at these early ages.
  • For rising sophomores, summer is time to jump-start college search
    Create a list of colleges that appeal to you -- and do a little homework. Visit their website, look at the admissions criteria.
  • A Ref's View: The Value of a Good Coach
    In the first game, we were more like judges, but in the second game, we were enforcers.
  • Teenage growth spurt: A risky time for soccer injury
    A recently published scientific study shows that the six months following peak growth spurt is the highest risk time for injury in male soccer players.
  • Have we been too harsh on direct soccer?
    The other team simply blasted the ball up the field to forwards who were faster than our defenders.
  • Refs and Our Uniforms
    Maybe the powers that be should hold off creating new ref jerseys for the next 25 years so we don't have to keep buying all these shirts.
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