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Fieldhouse FC Showdown at the Border
13132 State Rt 22, Canaan, NY 12029 Massachusetts (New England Region)
Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013 through Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013
Entry Deadline: Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012
U12-18 Girls/Boys
Contact: Pete Lopez - 4133291313 -
The Fieldhouse at Canaan, LLC
***National Indoor Championship Qualifier*** January 5 (U18G) January 6 (U18B) January 12 (U16G) January 13 (U16B) January 19 (U14G) January 20 (U14B) January 21 (U12B) January 26 (U12G) ... A Fieldhouse FC Nor'Easter Champions League Event ... By age group, series of once-per-month single day 8-team tournaments from Nov-Apr culminate with the top 4 teams (on points) meeting in May's Cinco de Mayo Clasico finale. ... ===== TOURNAMENT DAY SCHEDULE ... Local teams to be scheduled more in Group 1 (teams #1-4). Teams with greater distance to travel to be scheduled more in Group 2 (teams #5-8). ... 40-minute games ... (Group 1) 0730AM 1v2 0815 3v4 0900 1v3 0945 2v4 1030 1v4 1115 2v3 ... (Group 2) 1200PM 5v6 1245 7v8 0130 5v7 0215 6v8 0300 5v8 0345 6v7 ... 0500 FINAL ===== RULES ... 1) For U12-U14, 7 players per team (6+GK). 2) For U16-U18, Open, 40+, 6 players per team (5+GK). 3) Recommended that 10-12 players rostered per team. 4) Minimum of 4 players are needed to start and continue a game. 5) U12 uses size 4 ball, all other size 5.6) Shin guards are mandatory equipment for players. 7) No slide tackling (any part of knee touching ground) - resulting in direct kick for opposing team at location of slide tackle. Exception to rule is GK slide tackle in penalty area. 8) The ball is out of play when the ball makes contact with the building roof structure or lighting. If not the result of a deflection, a penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team. If resulting from deflection, a direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team from the location directly below where the ball made contact with the superstructure, netting, or lighting. 9) Single step is allowed by the player taking a penalty kick. (Given shorter distance, this offsets the big advantage a kicker would have with run-in.) 10) Throw-ins are replaced with indirect kick-ins. 11) Side-line kick-ins are indirect - all other free kicks are direct (including corner kick). 12) Goal-kicks and goalkeeper punts/throws must land on defensive half. If not, indirect at midfield for opposing team. 13) No off-sides. 14) When the goal differential is 5 or above, the winning team removes a first player. 15) When the goal differential is 10 or above, the winning team removes a second player. 16) Unlimited substitutions allowed on all stoppage of play (goal, kick-in, foul, injury). 17) Beyond these exceptions, FIFA rules apply. ===== SCORING 3 points for a win 1 point for a tie 0 points for a loss ... TIE-BREAKER (teams level on points after group play) 1) Head to head points 2) Goal difference 3) Goals allowed 4) Goals scored