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Carlos 'El Pescadito' Ruiz settles in Philly

Discussions began about a year ago regarding a move back to MLS for Guatemalan Carlos Ruiz, and a few days ago came the announcement he'd signed to play for Philadelphia after training and playing with the team during preseason. Ruiz, 31, left MLS following the 2008 season. He scored 82 goals in seven MLS seasons with the Galaxy, Dallas and Toronto FC and while doing so verified his reputation as a diver as well as a ruthless finisher.

“I understand when people talk about me falling so easily, but you [play] soccer how you want to,” Ruiz said. “And even though I’m not saying that what I do is a positive thing, in soccer you have to use all the weapons you can use to win. I do hope the league doesn’t have that image of me. Still, if it’s a foul, you are probably going to see me on the ground.”

Ruiz also explained the origin of his nickname, El Pescadito (The Little Fish).

“My nickname comes from Guatemala, where the fans from Municipal create songs based on the players’ nicknames,” he said. “I was lucky to get El Pescadito because there are others that are named La Rana [The Toad], El Sapo [The Frog] or La Culebra [The Snake]. I wouldn’t have liked any of those.”

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